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[sticky post] All the entries

All the entries I've posted are story prompts, ideas for stories that others can use for inspiration to write from. All I ask is that you mention where you picked it up from. 

Dark Angel Prompt

 Dark Angel 

A child Nomalie is found in the open and hunted by Manticore. While hiding she  hears a little girl telling her mom she thought the child Nomalie is 'so beautiful' and how she would love to have soft, tan fur like a lioness. Years later the Nomalie meets the now adult girl who shelters her from Familiars. When the Familiars come door-to-door, hunting for an injured 'criminal' they stumble on the Nomalie. Using the Oridinary and the Ordianary's daughter as leverage, White forces th e Nomalie 'Leona' out. Leona ends up dying, saving the Ordinaries just as Max and Co. burst in.

The Storm

(Paul Gross) A man lives on a sail boat, making money as a navigator/sport fishing guide /gambler /smuggler. Widower/kids back in States/grown. Former professional. Now a hard drinker/writer-poet. Snubs nose at authority with wise cracks, knows all the right and wrong people. Island hopper/self- reliant/ After his wife's tragic death he blames himself/ kids blame him.


Widow or divorcee with a teen son on a pleasure sailing vacation, eager for a new start. She keeps her heart guarded but is attracted to sailor but won't admit it. Dead or ex husband was an abusive alcoholic. Son initially likes sailor until he figures out his mother is attracted to him.

Sailor must pretend to betray the Widow and Son in order to save them – son sees? Sailor and son survive horrible storm with out a radio or navigation tools. Sailor must navigate by the stars a.k.a. dead reckoning. Points out various constellations to Widow – romantic moment.

Due South/ The Pretender Crossover

Due South/ The Pretender

On a pretend in Chicago Jarod poses as a translator for a (Belgian) diplomat. Ben knows he's not who he claims; cites accent, clothing, etc.

Ben's first response to Miss Parker is “Oh dear”.

Jarod meets Ray K, Turnbull, understands Diefenbaker.

Due South

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Due South

After a heavy dressing down, Fraser takes a walk after work, talks to his father, wishes on a star that Meg would tell the truth.

Meg finds herself unable to tell anything but the truth.

I, Frankenstein (Movie)

I, Frankenstein (movie)

Adam, the lady doc and a young teen (Original Character) form an unlikely band to defeat the demons who got away. Possibly start a private investigation firm together.

The Pretender/ Bionic Woman (2009)

The Centre and Berkut partnered to create the bionics Jamie and Sara have been redesigned with. In order to fix herself, Sara Corvis contacts the Centre, promising to capture Jarod for them. Tipped off by someone at the Centre, Berkut sends Jamie after Sara Corvis and Jarod.

Criminal Minds/ The Pretender

The Pretender/ Criminal Minds Crossover

Jarod joins the BAU team, gives Reed a run for his money on brains. Garcia is suspicious when Jarod's credentials are too perfect. Derek Morgan is neutral on Jarod, appreciates another Chicagoan. Prentiss attracted and intrigued by Jarod.

Angel the Series

Angel the Series

Wesley's past lives.

After Wes' death a PTB shoes him his past lives. (Rundown list of Alexis Denisof's former parts-characters-shows) Fred's soul is always nearby but just out of reach. Illyria fractured Fred's soul. Wes has a choice between taking his eternal rest, trying to repair Fred's soul or being born human again.

Moonlight/ Highlander the Series

Highlander the Series/Moonlight Crossover

Duncan meets Mick during WWII then again in LA (2008) when a case leads Mick to a common enemy – an immortal. Neither knew the other was immortal. Immortality new to Mick? Definitely new to Beth. Beth's father knows Joe from Vietnam? Amanda or Methos knows about Mick's vampirism.